Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Digitally Literate Learner...

Please note - I'm not implying by the title that I'm a digitally literate learner, but I'm interested in exploring what being one might mean. I'm a 'Blended Learning Facilitator' at London Metropolitan University - I try to help lecturers and students use technology more effectively for teaching and learning, whether this is the VLE, 'Web 2.0' or anything else. I'm currently interested in digital literacies, for staff and students in Higher Education and I'm working on a small pilot project to raise student awareness of issues around digital identity and digital scholarship.
I've decided to do this MOOC as I don't really feel qualified to comment on them until I've experienced one for myself. Views on MOOCs seem to be rather extreme - they're either the 'game-changer' set to revolutionise the education system or over-hyped, expensive flops. Really looking forward to getting more of an idea of how they work (time permitting!)

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  1. Welcome on board! We'll look at literacies for open learners in week 6 of the MOOC, as hopefully by then you'll have developed some feelings about these from your experience. And you're quite right about the extreme reactions to MOOCs.