Thursday, 1 May 2014

Blog your own device...

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Bring your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L) starts on July 14th - 18th. I'll be attempting to blog about the experience from a Facilitator perspective. At the same time, I'll be creating a new article for London Met's very own eLearning Matrix, all about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept - what does it mean? How's it relevant to staff and students? What if I don't have an ipad? etc. 

I've had the sneaky idea of using the combined expertise of our facilitators (and participants) to try crowdsourcing the article.. I'll be drafting the article on a Google Site and would welcome input in the form of suggestions, useful links or resources, criticism, proofreading and anything else you wish to contribute. The final article will then be published on the eMatrix as an open resource under a Creative Commons license with all contributors gratefully acknowledged.

For London Met staff and students, if you're taking the BYOD4L course and learning more about mobile devices, apps and social media, check out the eLearning Matrix. Under Tutorials, you'll find some articles and resources all about technology and pedagogy for teaching and learning. For example, this article on Developing your own Personal Learning Network.

* Don't forget London Met BYOD4L-ers... if you need some face to face support and TLC, come along to our sessions:    
Friday July 11th 12 - 1   and / or  Monday July 14th 1 - 2  (LCM-18 in the Learning Centre, North)

What's in a name?

I'm slightly struggling with the BYOD4L acronym - the temptation is to try to pronounce it as one word, but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue... BeeYoDforL? Beeyoodiful? Neither sounds quite right.... how about 'Bring n Learn' (like the old bring n buy sales)? Or maybe it'll just have to be Bring your Own Device..... Any suggestions welcome... ;-)

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