Thursday, 1 May 2014

Creating Collaboratively

At London Met we're working on an open learning resource for teaching staff. We want to spread ideas, share new technologies and provoke discussion about learning and teaching in a digital soup.

I'm writing a short article about Bring Your Own Device (the concept, not BYOD4L, the course). The aim is to introduce UKHE teaching and academic staff to BYOD, some of the issues surrounding it and how it might affect them, what the benefits and drawbacks are... I need to write a short introduction and description, link to useful resources, find some scenarios, include some video/audio/image and so on..

Can you help? 

One of the great things about this week has been the combined expertise, knowledge and different views that have been so abundant - I would love to harness some of that abundance to help create something better. If you have any ideas, tips, suggestions, resources to add to the Google doc below that would be fantastic.

What will you gain by collaborating? 

A warm glow? Well... the resource will be entirely open to use or link to for anybody who finds it useful. I think it could be really innovative and exciting to try this kind of collaboration and perhaps think about how it might be developed further in future. For example, the University of Sussex created a blog post about Tweetdeck this week which I've added a link to on our site. On the same page is a Slideshare by Sue. I really believe there could be more of this kind of collaboration and creativity and I'd like to explore ways we could develop this.... Anyone interested in exploring this with me?

How can we collaborate?

Google Docs seems to be a popular tool, judging by some of the comments and posts coming out of this week. I'm sharing a link to a very basic Google Doc (below) and depending on how this goes, may use a Google Site later to start creating something including multimedia and formatting which will be closer to what the article could look like on the eMatrix. For the finished article I will include a short paragraph describing the collaboration and including the name and institution of any contributors who participated (with permission of course).

Google Doc for collaboration:

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