Thursday, 1 May 2014

Connecting on Twitter

So, as the dust settles after Monday's first, slightly manic, Tweetchat...

Q1: What mobile device(s) do you use to connect with others?
Q2: What mobile device(s), tools and apps do you use to communicate with others?
Q3: What BYOD4L forums have you used to connect today?
Q4: How do your connections help you with your learning?
Q5: Do you have any tips for connecting with others?

What did you get out of it? Here are some thoughts...

 - It's a bit like walking into a room where everyone's talking, quite loudly, about the same thing, but not to each other.

 - for touch-typers it's a huge advantage to participate on a laptop as opposed to a tablet or phone as it allows much faster interaction

 - blink and you missed it

 - even just making one connection - following and being followed, commenting, sharing a link, tool or project - makes it worthwhile

 - shame it's not possible to create Twitter groups and throw a fence round this type of chat - yes, openness is good, but potentially annoying for followers not involved in BYOD (although it's up to them to curate and manage - and ignore - their twitter stream I guess)

 - Learning by doing is the best way

 - Would it be useful to have questions in advance? (or does that defeat the object?)


  1. H Jim,

    Loved reading this post. It paints a vibrant picture of your experience so far. Some interesting ideas there as well about grouping. Would be interesting to explore. I guess we could use hashtags or lists maybe? Could this work?

    How did you feel in such a quick moving and 'loud' space? Do you think there is any value in this for learning and teaching? And how about facilitating such activities? I would be really interested in your thoughts.

    Speak soon,

  2. Hi Chrissi,

    I'm not sure about the best way to group the tweetchats, or even if that's possible... I guess one way to reduce unwanted noise for followers is to use @user for most tweets so only those following both will see tweet in their stream (and those following hashtag)

    The chat did feel a bit like everyone talking at, rather than to, each other, but there were certainly benefits to it and I'm looking forward to experimenting with some different tools to see how/if it changes the experience.. e.g.
    I'd like to see some kind of summary or synthesis of some of the 'big ideas' that came out of the Connecting Tweetchat... of course that's happening to an extent with blog posts, graphics, Storify etc... but what does it all mean??I think the Storify is of limited value - if there was an automatic grouping of topics or conversations it may be of more use....

    Lots for me to ponder, and learn.. I'll be along a bit late this evening but will try to join at some point!